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Meet our language teacher: Carin Xu – ChinesePod

Carin Xu

Carin Xu


Yunyan was born in China, and she grew up in Beijing. Mandarin is her native language. She has been working as a Mandarin teacher for more than 5 years. Before she started her career in online teaching, she taught students face to face in a language school in Beijing. Yunyan has an advanced certificate in CTCSOL?Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages?issued by the Confucius Institute Headquarters. She specializes in business Chinese, test preparations, and lessons for beginners.


How do you describe yourself?
Optimistic and patient. My friends say that I’m a nice and interesting person.
Why are you a teacher?
I love languages. I learn Japanese and English as a language learner myself, and I also hope to help my students improve the language they are learning, which is Chinese of course. Being a language teacher is a cool thing.
What is the most rewarding thing about being a teacher?
The most rewarding thing about being a teacher is to see the progress my students make with my help.
What is your favorite hobby?
I love to learn and teach languages. I really love traveling and good food too.
What is your next travel destination?
I bet that would be South Korea, because my Korean friends invited me.