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Meet our language teacher: Aaron Kong – ChinesePod

Aaron Kong

Aaron Kong


Aaron is a native speaker of Mandarin. She is now living in Hong Kong. Before coming to Hong Kong, Aaron worked as an English teacher in Guangzhou. Teaching makes her feel fulfillment and achievement. She always enjoys being with students and sharing experience with others. Aaron received her Bachelor’s Degree in Chongqing, which is a famous city located in Southwest China. Currently, Aaron is pursuing her Master’s Degree in The Education University of Hong Kong with a focus on Curriculum, teaching and assessment.


What is your favorite hobby?
I like traveling and meeting with different people.
What is your favorite color?
I love green. Green means youth and energy to me.
What is your idea of a perfect day?
Sunshine, spicy food, soft bed, nice music.
How do you describe yourself?
Nice, gentle, and bright.