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Meet our language teacher: Yolley Sang – ChinesePod

Yolley Sang

Yolley Sang


Yolley is a native speaker of Chinese, and she once taught mandarin in Seville University, Spain. After finishing her master degree of Teaching Chinese as Foreign language, now she works as a professional mandarin teacher in Hong Kong, and she is pretty popular among students. In her spare time, she is writing books about Oral Chinese Learning and Cross Culture Communication. From the experience of learning Japanese and Spanish, she can totally understand how foreign students feel when they learning Chinese. For her, language is more like a tool to communicate with people, so practical use is very important.


What is your favorite sport to play?
Well, recently my favorite sport is rocking climbing, cuz it's challenging and interesting! YES! I love outdoor activities, like traveling, hiking, boating, cycling and swimming, lol, that's why I call myself "Nature's Daughter"!
If given the chance, would you travel to the moon?
Yes, why not! I had been to many countries, making friends with people from different nations, and I like that kind of unstable, freedom feeling. Life is an adventure, and of course, I want to see other planets. Moon is good, but can I choose Mars?!
What is your next travel destination?
Argentina! Definitely Argentina! That's why I work so hard learning Spanish now. Argentina has everything, just like the heaven. Even though I have never been there, I read a lot about this country. I will go there someday!
What does Mandarin teaching mean to you?
It's an honorable and lifelong career! I can use my knowledge, my patience and special teaching methods to help students to speak Chinese fluently as well as to help them learn about the culture, history, and literature.

Reviews 5

Yolley is very good at making the student feel at ease and have fun while speaking clearly in Chinese. She is imaginative with her lessons, and helped me develop practical use of Chinese while thinking on my feet.


I have been taking lessons with Yolley twice a week and she has always been very well prepared and easy to work with. I am still fairly new to Chinese, and she has been very helpful with my progress. I would recommend her as a great teacher.

David S.

Yolley is a fantastic teacher. My Chinese is very basic (Newbie/Elementary) but she uses Chinese in such a way that we rarely have to use English to communicate. This is great for a more immersive experience, and it always leaves me feeling very motivated at the end of the lesson. She is also great at coming up with lots of fun role-play exercises to practice new words and sentence structures.


Yolley is exceptional! She had me speaking Mandarin from the moment we got on Skype. She also spoke slow when I asked and was so kind. Yolley is an excellent listener and imaginative and creative with her lessons.


Yolley is fantastic! She always makes me talk and keeps me thinking and improving my Mandarin skills!