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Meet our language teacher: Sara Sun – ChinesePod

Sara Sun

Sara Sun


I was born and raised in Henan Province, China. My native language is Mandarin. Several years ago, I moved to the United States and earned my Master's Degree in education from Carson Newman University. Now, I am a certified ESL teacher, and I teach English as a second language. Language learning and teaching has opened up a new world of opportunities for me, and I hope I can help my students to achieve that too.


How do you describe yourself?
I enjoy meeting new people and having new experiences. I like to help people, and that is why I'm so passionate about teaching.
What is the most rewarding thing about being a teacher?
The most rewarding thing about being a teacher is to watch my students learn and improve. To be able to have an impact that you can see and measure, and to know that you've helped someone in their education is the greatest feeling in the world.
What is your idea of a perfect day?
Spending time with my friends and family and having a new experience. It's not about the experience itself, but more about the people I am with.
What is your next travel destination?
My next travel destination is Alaska. I have been hoping to go there!