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Meet our language teacher: Yuhan Lin – ChinesePod

Yuhan Lin

Yuhan Lin


Yuhan Lin is a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese from Taiwan. As a certified teacher, she has been teaching Chinese and English as a second/foreign language for five years. She is currently pursuing a Master of Education (Ed.M.) degree in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. Besides Mandarin Chinese and English, she also speaks Taiwanese and Cantonese.


What is your favorite hobby?
I love reading Manga (Japanese comic books) a lot. I also love trying out gourmet food and making it at home. “Live to eat” is my life philosophy, and I think this hobby is derived from the food culture in Taiwan.
What is the most rewarding thing about being a teacher?
I truly love growing together with my learners. Being a teacher provides me with the advantage of absorbing knowledge from diverse professional fields, different cultures, and from different languages.
What is your favorite book & why?
This book: “Taipei People” (Hsien-yung, Pai, 2000) is always my favorite. Pai tells different short stories about people’s life in Taiwan in the 1950’s when those people came from Mainland China to Taiwan after the the War of Resistance against Japan and the Chinese Civil War. The tragic tone of each character when experiencing their life in Taipei is especially impressive to me. Every time when I read this book, I need to prepare tissue. After reading it, I will put it aside since I am soaked in sadness. However, after a while, I cannot help reading it again.
What is your idea of a perfect day?
To me, a perfect day means I have some progress on my work, such as replying to all emails, completing readings required by school, and having time to do the dishes. Of course, a cup of home-made cappuccino is a must-have to start a perfect day.
What are you most passionate about?
I have passion for teaching. I remember it can take me hours to prepare for a 2-hour class, but I love preparing interesting activities for my learners. Enjoying teaching and learning is my life-long enthusiasm.
If given the chance, would you travel to the moon?
Definitely. I would also like to visit a different planet and to share my experience with family and friends.
What is your favorite color?
Sky blue, since I feel calm and cheered up when seeing it.
What is your next travel destination?
Taiwan. I have not been back to Taiwan for more than one year, and I do hope this summer I will be able to see family and friends there.
Why are you a teacher?
I have been enjoying learning a language in a classroom with teachers and peers, so I would like to bring the same joy to my learners.
What do you love about Chinese language?
Mandarin Chinese is a tool for me to introduce Taiwanese and Chinese culture to learners. Likewise, through this tool, I love hearing about other cultures.
How do you describe yourself?
I am a positive and persistent person. Ever since I knew I would like to be a teacher for my life career, I do my best to make sure my learners and I enjoy the experience of learning and teaching.
What does Mandarin teaching mean to you?
Mandarin teaching is a way to facilitate learners to open a new door to a different culture. When learners master this language, they have access to the beauty of Taiwanese and Chinese culture.