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Meet our language teacher: Angel Chu – ChinesePod

Angel Chu

Angel Chu


I was born in Anhui province , China. I majored Chinese language and literature in Beijing Normal University. I taught foreigners Chinese while I was in university. I once worked in a high school as a Chinese teacher after I graduated. And I started to teach Chinese again after I moved to Europe (France and Romania) in 2009. My students are happy to learn about Chinese language and culture with me. I speak fluent French and English. Currently, I live in France, and thus my schedule will work best for the students in Europe and Asia, but we can find always discuss and find a time convenient to both of us for lessons.


What is your favorite sport to play?
Pilates. I feel peaceful while I practice it. It could build up the strength and suppleness of my body.
What is your favorite hobby?
Reading. It helps you to know who you are and to be a better person. The reading of good books is like a conversation with the finest men of past centuries.
What is your favorite color?
Blue . It suits me very well. :)
What is your favorite article of clothes?
Casual clothes.
What is your next travel destination?
Perhaps Italy. I have been there twice. It's a historic and mysterious country.
How do you describe yourself?
Patient , passionate , competent, enthusiastic