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Meet our language teacher: Jenny Leow – ChinesePod

Jenny Leow

Jenny Leow


I am a language enthusiast, who learn languages in a fun, meaningful and interesting way - That' how we Chinese Malaysians acquire many languages. I taught International Schools' students, from primary to secondary; and now I have more adult’s students online. Different educational background, nationalities, age and gender have never become barriers for language learning in my lessons. I don’t believe in ultimate attainment and age effect theory as language is a fascinating and ever-growing knowledge. Being a Cambridge’s certified International Teacher and Chinese Confucius Institute certified Online Chinese Language Teacher, I was lucky awarded the Joint PhD. Research Scholarship 2014 in Peking University, Beijing, China. Currently, I am continuing the experimental research with the PKU's lecturer from China and the USM's lecturer from Malaysia in the field of Chinese as a Second Language and Online Teaching & Learning. Language learning is fun for me and all my students, so do you.


What is your favorite sport to play?
Swimming, Diving, Tennis.
What is your favorite hobby?
Writing, Language Learning.
What is the most rewarding thing about being a teacher?
Seeing students’ success.
What is your favorite book & why?
Second Language Learning, Fun Theory, Multimedia Learning. I believe fun learning is the key to success.
What is your idea of a perfect day?
A stress-free, worries-free morning, and a beach day with family and loved one.
What are you most passionate about?
Speaking the local languages when travelling.

Reviews 6

Sorry! the connection expired during the class! I had some difficulties with the audio, but the teacher was very nice and professional as well!


Jenny is an excellent teacher. Very enthusiastic and detail orientated.

James S.

Jenny is innovative is always prepared to teach. She excels with identifying weak areas in order to maximize my language learning.




Jenny is an awesome teacher. She prepares for every lesson with specific objectives tied the students needs, practicing the both comprehension and oral skills. She has deep knowledge of the theory and practice of language learning and is always positive and supportive during class.